Blog block: Mahmood’s Den

Many might have kid about Bahrain’s most popular blog, Mahmood’s Den, being blocked one day. It seems that day will be tomorrow according to a ministerial order.

While one can only speculate on the reasons for the block, some have pointed out that it most likely has to do with the Bandargate scandal. Mahmood has been quite outspoken about the issue on his weblog, and has also started the much commended Just Bahraini campaign.

Esra’a over at Mideast Youth has this to say.

A petition by HAMSA has been launched to unblock the site.


Hang in there, Mahmood! If anything, this will all come to pass.

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Note: Fortunately, is still accessible from Bahrain-based ISPs as

Note II: As of 2 November, 2006, has been unblocked.