The little time machine that could

Nate True at made an impressive gizmo called The Time Fountain. He writes:

It all started when my friend Jesse told me that if you get a strobe light fast enough, you can make it look like dripping water is going in slow motion or even backwards. This phenomenon happens because strobe lights can ‘capture’ an instant in time and allow your eyes to see it as lasting longer than an instant.

Watch the video…

4 Responses to The little time machine that could

  1. Suad says:

    Amazing! I shared the video with my friends. One of them said she wish that she can reverse the time the same way these drops were reversed :)

    Thanks for the creative video.. And by the way, your web site is not accessible most of the time! I don’t know if you are aware of this.

  2. hisham says:

    It is amazing, isn’t it?

    Batelco’s been having problems lately with their DNS servers, which has been causing some timeouts while accessing my site for the past three or so days (or any other site hosted by the company I use, It looks like they got it fixed today. Hopefully it’ll stay fixed :)

  3. Suad says:

    Its good that the problem is fixed now. But don’t put all the blame on Batelco, I didn’t see any new posting since long. Its about time to wake up and be a little more active :)