Once, atop a mountain

She stood atop a mountain
sword in hand
battle in mind, heart, and soul

The stars in her eyes; a universe
her heart; an ocean

And that, that is the story of one’s struggle against a life of action and consequence. That, our dear friend, was what transpired into the greatest battle story of all. Or so they say.

Imagine the scene: Thousands of soldiers, or shall we say minions, descending down the mountain unto the sleeping village below.

Ambushing the silence of her soul, the soldiers almost made the woman-atop-a-mountain surrender her heart. Yet there she stood, silent in her own sea of calm, waiting for the wind of truth to fill her sails.

The soldiers swept past her, their shining weaponry of destruction glittering like a million jewels of Hades.

She let be what will be, she let be and let go as she shut her eyes. The wind settled – she opened her eyes to see nothing of the menacing soldiers, nothing of their ways and swords.

The moment of truth remained. Her moment within her soul. A moment that filled a chasm so great it would remain so until this moment of moments.

That, dear friend, is the story of a woman that stood atop a mountain. It is the story of all of us.