About me

Hi there, I’m Hisham Khalifa. I love tech, productivity hacks, running, coffee, and Belgian nougat.

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I’ve been posting quite a bit on instagram lately. You can follow me at @hishamk.

P R O J E C T S 


Tabeo – Helping shake and shape the retail sector with innovative online financial products for both merchants and consumers.


ExchangeWire – I developed the data mining application behind this service. The technology was created at a startup I co-founded in London called Pikslme which was acquired by ExchangeWire.


Binary Bakery – I’ve written a few productivity apps for the Mac: MenuEverywhere, MenuPop, Windownaut and MailPop.


Other Stuff

Videography35mm DOF adapter for consumer video cameras – A pretty old project, pre movie mode DSLRs.

Photography and Hyperrealistic Imagery – Fun times with light and Photoshop: Album, Flickr.

Writing – Flash-fiction, nano-fiction, poetry and miscellaneous prose is scattered throughout the blog.